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About Us

BioTune Computations is for scientists specializing in modified biopolymers

who want to streamline their laboratory practices.  We offer customized software

designed to promote efficiency in the workflow.

Unlike our competitors, we resolve your computational needs into a single platform

that can be tuned to support an array of intellectual property.  Built upon a decade of experience at the bench, our products allow for flexible, confidential, ease of use and are protected by our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service.

With the launch of our first product, OligoTune, our vision is to be the leading

seller in oligonucleotide computational tools.  We work to fulfill this vision by crafting

the most versatile products on the market.

We are focused on achieving brand recognition and substantial growth by integrating OligoTune into industry and academic laboratories across the globe.

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Renee Williams Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

OligoTune Features

“Innovation is limited only by the level of our vision - we strive to be a giraffe not a turtle”

Software Flexibility

OligoTune is designed specifically to support RNA therapeutic research.  With this in mind, we've made it easy for you to include modifications such as phosphorothioates, lipid conjugations, base alkylation, and various sugar chemistries into your computations.

Product Capabilities

OligoTune is a one-stop source for your routine computational needs.   By simply submitting a nucleotide sequence properties such as molecular weight, extinction coefficient, nucleotide length, base composition, isotopic distribution, melting temperature, and much more are generated in a matter of seconds, and easily saved into reports.

Market Research

BioTune Computations is committed to crafting the most versatile software on the market. 

If you are nucleotide scientist we would like to capture your thoughts with a 10 Question (5 minute) survey regarding the need for additional commercially available software geared towards the analysis of these molecules.

Your participation helps ensure that we deliver products that are relevant to your research needs.

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